Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teaming up to accomplish your goals

When I start out a new month, I am always taking look at what I did the month prior, what goals do I need to make this month, and what did I do the month before to set myself up to meet this months goals. This is something that is crucial for any business that you may be in. With out a solid plan there is no direction. With out leaders, there is no consistency or order. In my particular home business we work as a team. In having that team we are able to stay motivated, share ideas, keep us moving towards our goals. Many times you may rely on someone within your business or team to "lead" you everyday. But really your success boils down to three simple steps.

Step one: YOUR COMMITMENT, you have to make it happen. You need to be willing to be accountable. Make an effort for yourself and then make a commitment to your team

Step two: IDENTIFY those who are willing to work with your and participate. Look for those who are accountable, who are coach-able and who have desire to do what it takes.

Step three: ENGAGE YOUR NEW LEADERS: Nothing really happens until it really happens. Sometimes people get off track, and by engaging them and focusing them on the basics helps keep them focused.

Your goal ultimately should be to become a leader by becoming knowledgeable about what your are doing. Learning how to identify with these steps and find the best leaders you can to add to your team. Stay focused, let your leaders do their part, and be comfortable in knowing that when you have built a successful team, it will simplify everything and you will no longer have to feel as though you have to do everything!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Are you leading by example?

Over the summer I have felt that my home business has lacked something. As a matter of fact I felt that I was lacking in the part of nurturing my home business. I sat here this morning wondering how I can breathe new life into a business that had gone for lack of a better word, stale.
When a took a closer look and did a little searching ( the perfect answer would be there waiting for me somewhere right???) I really came up with the fact that it was all me.
My lack of energy, focus and plain old doing it were the problems. That leads me into the article I came across in one of my magazines that I go to for some inspiration.
The basic idea of this story was " Why don't you do the things you say?" This I thought hit the nail on the head.
I have spent the summer saying I will do this I will do that, I never made it a priority. Well this works in business also. If your business is lacking that something. Be it you can't or haven't moved forward, seems that the same things are happening or not happening.
Look into what you are doing, are you leading by example. Maybe as a leader in your field you are doing a lot of telling or teaching in your organization, but are your actions telling them the same thing?
If you want to promote inpiration, confidence, and growth in your business, you must do what a leader does, lead by example and do the things you say you will do!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Add your blog and twitter to your facebook!

Good Morning Everyone!
On our training last night I said I would let everyone know how I was able to link things with my Twitter, so here is my take on it. Keep in mind it was awhile ago that I linked up my accounts, so I have been trying to refresh my memory, as I took the long way around that may no sense at first. I am going to try to put you all on the fast lane with this though. A surprise in trying to retrace my steps, my Facebook was not sending to my Twitter, it was a one way kind of street there. But that is fixed, so I do recommend that those of you who are already putting Twitter on their facebook that they check again to make sure your facebook is reporting to twitter if that is what you desire!

Linking your blog to facebook:
You want to use RSS Graffiti to link your blog. Link, click go to app.
You will be asked to authorize, then allow like all facebook applications.
You should land on a page that says add a new feed here. Click the +add feed. When you do it will let you preview when you add your feed so that you know you have the right one.
This is also the trick to getting your Twitter to post to your facebook. What you will do after setting up your blog to post, you will click what is called Application settings.
Here you will be able to change settings, but the only one you really need to is your Twitter account. So click add account ( you should see your twitter account there, if it is not ( mine was) then maybe it will give you an option to add).
With RSS Graffiti, it will take awhile to show up on your facebook so don't panic, it will be there if you went through the steps! After doing this update twitter comments, blog posts. This way it does have something current to update with!

Sharing Between Twitter and Facebook:
By doing the above you will get Twitter feeds, but if you want your facebook to post to your twitter, you need this page what this does for you is allows you to link the two, so that facebook will update your twitter. But you do need to have a fan page for this to happen. It will be a simple click and follow the directions.

Hope this helps and I welcome any questions! Should this not work for you be happy to help you trouble shoot!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jayden attended her first music contest this weekend. I had never been to one either. It was such a fun time. She played her flute. This was also the first year for her learning that. She got great comments from the judge. She also sang with a group of girls. They all did an awesome job! I was so excited, and am now excited to see if she does it again next year, and what instrument Dakota will play in 5th grade, and if she will also be attending a contest also.
It has been a great experience,and I am so glad the girls get a chance to learn and participate in these kinds of things. I think it really will help them to be well rounded individuals!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Staying Motivated

We have all experienced those days that we would just love to sit and just not think or move. Turn the TV on to some show that needs absolutely no brain cells and tune out the world. While this is OK once in a great while, it is not something that we should do daily. There is always something we should be doing or need to be doing.
Some days for me it can be a bit of a battle. So I find things that help me stay motivated.
For some it might be that they want to lose weight. So they find something that they can focus on. It may be a favorite pair of jeans that they have, that they may lay on their dresser to remind them they want to wear them again, or a shopping spree.
Some people may want to take a vacation, so they hang on the refrigerator pictures of the place or a list of what they want to do on the trip. This is to remind them to save their money up to take the trip.
For me I sometimes need to be motivated into my housework. I know terrible right! I am not saying all the time, just some of it. So I will record a show I want to watch and then not allow myself that 30 min break until I have completed the daily housework.
Sitting down to my computer and taking the steps necessary to work my home biz is something that I do have a lot of motivation for. The drive behind why I do this is huge. It is making that change for my family. Being able to pay off those bills, and debt. It is helping others do the same. Meeting new people, celebrating their success!
So whatever it is that you have to do today, or want to do, and you are dragging your feet. Think about what is going to motivate you. I guarantee that at the end of the day you will be proud of yourself, will have a accomplished a lot, and will be rewarded. And if your like me, chances are the list will have been long and you will be exhausted!!
So go on and get busy and good luck!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Spring like weather!

It is so much nicer out today, 10:00am and already 50degrees out there. It sure makes staying inside hard. I can think of a ton of things that need done or I want to do. The yard needs a good cleaning, thanks to the dog who thinks that if it isn't in the yard it should be. He has brought in logs, sticks, tumble weeds. He has found some trash ( I think he secretly must clean the ditches along the road when we are asleep). I can not imagine where he finds all this stuff.
Then there is all the horses. Who in their right mind has so many to work with. They all need to be walked and messed with, a whole winter without anything, I have to wonder did they forget everything?
I would love to plant more flowers this year ( dog permitting, he dug up most of them last year). This means I need to get clever and probably add fencing of some type. It will take some planning.
I discovered Mulberry trees in the tree row behind our house a couple of years ago. I don't know if they had been inactive for all these years or what exactly was the deal, but one day walked out to the edge of the trees and right there was a small tree, set with berries. In a bigger inspection I had a big nice tree of them in the middle of the trees. So for the last two years, plan has been to clean out a nice path to get to the nice Mulberry tree. Before the dreaded snakes all come out!
Days like today make me want to get out and get things done.
Oh and our little family terror, that makes some jobs possible and others impossible is this big yellow member of the family.

Gotta Love Him!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crafts with the kids!

I got a big surprise last night while sitting down to supper. Jayden pops up with " I have to decorate a valentines box for tomorrow!" After a slight moment of panic I went over in my head as I served up supper what we might have on hand to make her box. This was going to be frustrating. Once we started the hunting and gathering this is what we did. It turned out well I think, and was not complicated!

First we had to gather our materials, we grabbed a cereal box, scotch tape, scissors ( and side cutters), pencil, various permanent markers in black, construction paper, stencils, ribbon, tissue paper, some fake roses and other floweres, and wrapping paper.

Then we cut a square out of the cereal box( place to put in the valentines) and then wrapped the whole box with wrapping paper.
We located the hole we made by pressing a bit and poked a hole with pencil in center of that spot. Next we cut out to each corner so that we had 4 triangles. we folded those in after putting a little piece of tap on the point to hold it back.

Next you start your decorating. We picked about 3 flowers and cut the stems a bit long. We bent them a bit and taped them down. We taped a some little white flowers behind our roses we chose to help them stick out. Then we cut out a heart shape out of red construction paper. Wrote a saying in this case, BE MINE. Taped it over the stems so that it looked like a vase or something that was holding the flowers.
We went online to find a printable picture of cupid and printed it out on red paper. Using our stencil we cut a heart around cupid. Then used a larger stencil to cut out white tissue paper in a heart shape. We taped it behind cupid to look like lace.
Added a bow in the corner and a cut out heart on a piece of ribbon with her name and hung it out of the flowers.

We had fun doing this project and were really surprised at how well it turned out since we really only had about half an hour to complete it. I do have to admit though, next time I hope she lets me in on the secret a lot sooner. The snow day that we had the day before would have been a perfect day for such a project!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Have you kept your New Years Resolution?

Most of us start off the New Year with a resolution. Maybe we want to lose weight, maybe we want to be more organized. Some of us want to drink less coffee/pop, or maybe you want to reach for a promotion, or grow a home business. Whatever it may be, you will find that most of us have dropped part of if not all of our resolution. It was to difficult. Got boring. Just slipped your mind. Life got in the way. But think about this, we make our New Years Resolution lumping the whole year all together and reach to meet it in one week. We get frustrated and just give up. I think we have all been thinking of it the wrong way. I was reading an article the other day. It really made sense, it was talking about making goals daily. So here is the thinking with this. You start off every day with a goal, or daily resolution. You will also want to rotate your goals. I believe this makes them more attainable. One day you may have a workout related goal/resolution. So you make that goal saying today before I set down at my computer I will do my workout. The next day it may be a step to work on your finances. Whatever it may be if you break it down into daily goals/resolutions, and rotate them, you eliminate the boredom, putting it off and uncertainty of how to approach it and get it done. It gets your full attention and you can reevaluate every day or week. Part of the not doing is a guilty feeling that you may of failed or not have accomplished what you said you would. Making that daily resolution gives you a chance to look at what you have done, make the necessary change and change what you need to change to get there. So go ahead and dedicate a notebook, day planner or whatever you have. Put it next to you computer, on your nightstand, by the coffee pot. Wherever you will see it every morning, write down that resolution, make a plan, and put it into action. You will see progress daily, know that you have met a goal and this is what will keep you moving forward. By the end of the year you will look back and see for yourself that you have met your New Years Resolution by taking the necessary daily steps. You will be proud of yourself!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What gets in the way of your home biz?

I am a stay at home mom who chooses to work part time from our home. I love it and love the flexibility, who wouldn't? Unfortunately with working at home and being your own boss, there are things that can really get in your way. We all experience something that will take away the focus from what we need to be or should be doing to be successful at meeting our goals. Whether that goal is to have a bit of extra spending money or if it is to replace an income. Speaking from experience my kids. I love them, but they can really require a lot of attention, especially when they know I am trying to focus on what I need to do. This is a kids nature, and I am sure this is what they are put on earth to do. Keep mom off balance just enough that she gets nothing accomplished. We all know this, this is why we have become experts in the matter of multitasking. How do we maintain that balance so we may be able to maintain our bigger picture, and still getting in our biz time? CREATIVITY! ORGANIZATION! Yes those two words. Scheduled activities, why this works, well whether it be the dreaded snow day (especially on a day you had tons planned knowing kiddos were out of the house, or supposed to be) or an extra kid or two you got surprised with having. Maybe it is just the usual "wild" day at home with kids a schedule is necessary. Think about this, kids in school have certain things they do daily at certain times. No surprise, they know what is coming and are ready for it. They know what is expected. When we do this at home we can work with that schedule and around that schedule. It will really prevent kids from having a breakdown because they missed a snack, or nap. That lunch is not on time they are starving and you are working. Inevitable meltdown with these things if they don't know themselves this is coming. Same as times spent with you during your busy day. Schedule these in, even frequently, they are the needy little "biz" partners in your office. It is important to have some new types of things. I am not saying go spend a fortune and buy them new toys and expensive gifts. Present them with a notebook or new coloring book, from a bargain bin or dollar store. These are handy for those just not satisfied whatever is happening kind of day.
Another big way we get distracted and get in our own way is to get sidetracked ourselves. Some scenarios ( not saying it is me, not saying it isn't ;) )your searching for new places to advertise, and it does take some looking, but next thing you know you are reading news stories, or other ads. Or if your on facebook to "check or leave a comment or link something to your fan page" ( I know it couldn't of been for any other reason right?) and next thing you know you have played a game and read and commented on everyones status. You have looked for someone from the past to add as a friend or out of the blue wondered what someone is up to these days. After awhile you realize you spent your 15mins you had or an hour doing nothing that involves what you started out to do. Not productive. We are all guilty of this one.
We are all a little curious when we run across a familiar ad. It is a wonderful part of being part of a work at home team or network. We all love to see that others are passionate about what we do at least as much as we are. You may even click on an ad just to see who posted and say to yourself a bit of YAY, look at them go, and are excited to see maybe it is someone you know. One BIG way to get sidetracked on this is if you take the other road of why are they posting where I want to post and then take the time to email and explain to them how you don't want them posting there. This is such a way to waste your time, and theirs. Always be courteous. We are all whether in the same biz or some completely different kind of home biz, out there doing what we love doing. We are all in the end looking to reach our dreams and goals. If you are taking time to email something to them that is not helpful to either or you it will always come across as unfriendly (no matter how you word it) and just like completely getting caught up on an internet search, you will soon find a lot of time spent without any helpful results!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ways to share your fan page!

I have been looking for new ways to promote my home business. I am finding there are plenty of options. Today I took on Facebook Fan Pages. After creating a fan page, I needed people to like it. Otherwise what good would it do really. I have read many different articles and questions asked to google or yahoo about the subject. I found that using a fan page can really help with branding yourself, but can also be a big overtaking. I want to just help everyone get a great start by giving you some links you can use to help get your fan page followers, as well as follow some other really neat fan pages yourself. So here are some places as well as a link to where I found a great topic with which you can share your page! This is just great site to visit anyway, so many topics but do check out this link: Share your fan page : I am new to this site, but it really is a lot of fun and is a great place to find new blogs as well as fan pages the link to check out here is:
Blog Frog link

The most obvious ways to share your page would be to simply just share the page with the button on the left. It will share with everyone on the page that your fan page
is connected to.

There is also a button on the left that says suggest to friends. This is another way to get your page out there.

Share your fan page on your blog! You do this by using a Facebook Fan Box Widget, this allows people to become a fan instantly!

And last but not least is a Facebook Fan Page Twitter application. This will link your Twitter followers with your page!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thrifty organizing!

Some days it seems like there is just not enough room for things, or no good place to put them. There sometimes is just a lot of things laying around. The kids have school papers, somehow they all end up on my desk. They have chargers for all their various gadgets. At this age there are a lot of gadgets! They are strewn about the house and yes on my desk again. Seems that even though I have a place for things they still can't find a pencil for their school work. I know I just sharpened a bunch and put them on their desk. It really is not just the kids, the husband seems to think it my desk is the dumping ground also. So I decided to do some organizing and putting away of things. I re-purpose things I have around the house, a lot of the things that you buy at the store can be pricey, so I find what works! For example:

This is the kids desk. It was a mess, papers, pencils, erasers, mp3 players. There was toys and what not, I couldn't even begin to remember, but you can imagine. So what I did is I added some baskets, I had them hiding in the closet. The big one is for their papers and binders. There are some computer games in there also. The one on the right side is very multipurpose. I have added some cups ( they get them at the school parties, we have soooo many) I have put pencils and pens in one ( now they will have to find another excuse for not doing homework) I have erasers, scissors and other things like that in the other. There is room for the gadgets they keep over there and it helps to be a catch all for all kinds of things. The pink and blue boxes are what they keep their DSI XL in. One for each kid. They were once their school pencil boxes. This way they keep track of all their stylus and things like that. I also have the chargers in the basket, I did something different for that.

I took an old check box. I covered it in construction paper and then labeled it. Now they know right where they belong!

All those extra school supplies and office supplies we keep on hand I keep in a kind of decorative trunk that was given to me I just stand it up and when I need it, everything is handy.

It sets by an old bookshelf that I found upstairs. It has been handy. The girls have to read AR books for school, and we have purchased some through book orders. I have an old clementine orange crate ( we purchased and ate the oranges and kept the crate so it was a twofer) that I stand the books in. When they forget one at school, they can find one to read for reading time. I keep extra glue and crayons as well as flash cards in an old floppy disk container.

As for my work area I have dual filing cabinets. What is neat about that is one can have the folders for bills and important papers, but you can leave out the filing system in the other for those things that don't fit the traditional way! I also make great use of the desktop with a cheap folder holder. It works to keep things organized and upright. I again have reused the little check boxes at the back of my desk for the little things and all my sticky notes, it keeps things confined and ready to find or move.

I hope all this was helpful for you, and I encourage everyone to look around for something that will help them to make their lives a bit easier. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, it just has to work!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Fun!

We have had our first big snow of the year, and the kids talked their dad into taking them sledding. We really didn't have enough for a big sledding day, but plenty to go out behind the four wheeler. It took a bit before I realized I was missing a good photo op, so here are some of the pictures I took of my little snowmen!

They start of Great!

Then next thing you know they are rolling through the snow!

They sometimes made it a long ways!

Sometimes it was on their bellies!

There was a ton of fun! They got a little snowy and yes I even got in on the fun for a round or two ( no pictures of that thank goodness!!)!

They did not have enough of the snow as the next day the decided to go out and play and turn each other into real snowmen!! Burrrr!!!