Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ways to share your fan page!

I have been looking for new ways to promote my home business. I am finding there are plenty of options. Today I took on Facebook Fan Pages. After creating a fan page, I needed people to like it. Otherwise what good would it do really. I have read many different articles and questions asked to google or yahoo about the subject. I found that using a fan page can really help with branding yourself, but can also be a big overtaking. I want to just help everyone get a great start by giving you some links you can use to help get your fan page followers, as well as follow some other really neat fan pages yourself. So here are some places as well as a link to where I found a great topic with which you can share your page!

Cafemom.com: This is just great site to visit anyway, so many topics but do check out this link: Share your fan page

http://theblogfrog.com : I am new to this site, but it really is a lot of fun and is a great place to find new blogs as well as fan pages the link to check out here is:
Blog Frog link

The most obvious ways to share your page would be to simply just share the page with the button on the left. It will share with everyone on the page that your fan page
is connected to.

There is also a button on the left that says suggest to friends. This is another way to get your page out there.

Share your fan page on your blog! You do this by using a Facebook Fan Box Widget, this allows people to become a fan instantly!

And last but not least is a Facebook Fan Page Twitter application. This will link your Twitter followers with your page!

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