Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staying Motivated

We have all experienced those days that we would just love to sit and just not think or move. Turn the TV on to some show that needs absolutely no brain cells and tune out the world. While this is OK once in a great while, it is not something that we should do daily. There is always something we should be doing or need to be doing.
Some days for me it can be a bit of a battle. So I find things that help me stay motivated.
For some it might be that they want to lose weight. So they find something that they can focus on. It may be a favorite pair of jeans that they have, that they may lay on their dresser to remind them they want to wear them again, or a shopping spree.
Some people may want to take a vacation, so they hang on the refrigerator pictures of the place or a list of what they want to do on the trip. This is to remind them to save their money up to take the trip.
For me I sometimes need to be motivated into my housework. I know terrible right! I am not saying all the time, just some of it. So I will record a show I want to watch and then not allow myself that 30 min break until I have completed the daily housework.
Sitting down to my computer and taking the steps necessary to work my home biz is something that I do have a lot of motivation for. The drive behind why I do this is huge. It is making that change for my family. Being able to pay off those bills, and debt. It is helping others do the same. Meeting new people, celebrating their success!
So whatever it is that you have to do today, or want to do, and you are dragging your feet. Think about what is going to motivate you. I guarantee that at the end of the day you will be proud of yourself, will have a accomplished a lot, and will be rewarded. And if your like me, chances are the list will have been long and you will be exhausted!!
So go on and get busy and good luck!!

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  1. I needed a post like this today. I've been starting to think I have bit off more than I can chew with this whole blog thing. But reading your post has motivated me again. My husband and twins are my motivation. Finding a way to take financial stress off my husband is motivation. Thank you for swinging by 2 Against 1 - Twins following back now.