Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crafts with the kids!

I got a big surprise last night while sitting down to supper. Jayden pops up with " I have to decorate a valentines box for tomorrow!" After a slight moment of panic I went over in my head as I served up supper what we might have on hand to make her box. This was going to be frustrating. Once we started the hunting and gathering this is what we did. It turned out well I think, and was not complicated!

First we had to gather our materials, we grabbed a cereal box, scotch tape, scissors ( and side cutters), pencil, various permanent markers in black, construction paper, stencils, ribbon, tissue paper, some fake roses and other floweres, and wrapping paper.

Then we cut a square out of the cereal box( place to put in the valentines) and then wrapped the whole box with wrapping paper.
We located the hole we made by pressing a bit and poked a hole with pencil in center of that spot. Next we cut out to each corner so that we had 4 triangles. we folded those in after putting a little piece of tap on the point to hold it back.

Next you start your decorating. We picked about 3 flowers and cut the stems a bit long. We bent them a bit and taped them down. We taped a some little white flowers behind our roses we chose to help them stick out. Then we cut out a heart shape out of red construction paper. Wrote a saying in this case, BE MINE. Taped it over the stems so that it looked like a vase or something that was holding the flowers.
We went online to find a printable picture of cupid and printed it out on red paper. Using our stencil we cut a heart around cupid. Then used a larger stencil to cut out white tissue paper in a heart shape. We taped it behind cupid to look like lace.
Added a bow in the corner and a cut out heart on a piece of ribbon with her name and hung it out of the flowers.

We had fun doing this project and were really surprised at how well it turned out since we really only had about half an hour to complete it. I do have to admit though, next time I hope she lets me in on the secret a lot sooner. The snow day that we had the day before would have been a perfect day for such a project!!

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  1. Love it! It looks awesome, I heard the girls were sick hope they were able to get some Valentine's!