Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Add your blog and twitter to your facebook!

Good Morning Everyone!
On our training last night I said I would let everyone know how I was able to link things with my Twitter, so here is my take on it. Keep in mind it was awhile ago that I linked up my accounts, so I have been trying to refresh my memory, as I took the long way around that may no sense at first. I am going to try to put you all on the fast lane with this though. A surprise in trying to retrace my steps, my Facebook was not sending to my Twitter, it was a one way kind of street there. But that is fixed, so I do recommend that those of you who are already putting Twitter on their facebook that they check again to make sure your facebook is reporting to twitter if that is what you desire!

Linking your blog to facebook:
You want to use RSS Graffiti to link your blog. Link, http://www.facebook.com/RSS.Graffiti click go to app.
You will be asked to authorize, then allow like all facebook applications.
You should land on a page that says add a new feed here. Click the +add feed. When you do it will let you preview when you add your feed so that you know you have the right one.
This is also the trick to getting your Twitter to post to your facebook. What you will do after setting up your blog to post, you will click what is called Application settings.
Here you will be able to change settings, but the only one you really need to is your Twitter account. So click add account ( you should see your twitter account there, if it is not ( mine was) then maybe it will give you an option to add).
With RSS Graffiti, it will take awhile to show up on your facebook so don't panic, it will be there if you went through the steps! After doing this update twitter comments, blog posts. This way it does have something current to update with!

Sharing Between Twitter and Facebook:
By doing the above you will get Twitter feeds, but if you want your facebook to post to your twitter, you need this page http://www.facebook.com/twitter/ what this does for you is allows you to link the two, so that facebook will update your twitter. But you do need to have a fan page for this to happen. It will be a simple click and follow the directions.

Hope this helps and I welcome any questions! Should this not work for you be happy to help you trouble shoot!

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