Monday, August 1, 2011

Are you leading by example?

Over the summer I have felt that my home business has lacked something. As a matter of fact I felt that I was lacking in the part of nurturing my home business. I sat here this morning wondering how I can breathe new life into a business that had gone for lack of a better word, stale.
When a took a closer look and did a little searching ( the perfect answer would be there waiting for me somewhere right???) I really came up with the fact that it was all me.
My lack of energy, focus and plain old doing it were the problems. That leads me into the article I came across in one of my magazines that I go to for some inspiration.
The basic idea of this story was " Why don't you do the things you say?" This I thought hit the nail on the head.
I have spent the summer saying I will do this I will do that, I never made it a priority. Well this works in business also. If your business is lacking that something. Be it you can't or haven't moved forward, seems that the same things are happening or not happening.
Look into what you are doing, are you leading by example. Maybe as a leader in your field you are doing a lot of telling or teaching in your organization, but are your actions telling them the same thing?
If you want to promote inpiration, confidence, and growth in your business, you must do what a leader does, lead by example and do the things you say you will do!