Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teaming up to accomplish your goals

When I start out a new month, I am always taking look at what I did the month prior, what goals do I need to make this month, and what did I do the month before to set myself up to meet this months goals. This is something that is crucial for any business that you may be in. With out a solid plan there is no direction. With out leaders, there is no consistency or order. In my particular home business we work as a team. In having that team we are able to stay motivated, share ideas, keep us moving towards our goals. Many times you may rely on someone within your business or team to "lead" you everyday. But really your success boils down to three simple steps.

Step one: YOUR COMMITMENT, you have to make it happen. You need to be willing to be accountable. Make an effort for yourself and then make a commitment to your team

Step two: IDENTIFY those who are willing to work with your and participate. Look for those who are accountable, who are coach-able and who have desire to do what it takes.

Step three: ENGAGE YOUR NEW LEADERS: Nothing really happens until it really happens. Sometimes people get off track, and by engaging them and focusing them on the basics helps keep them focused.

Your goal ultimately should be to become a leader by becoming knowledgeable about what your are doing. Learning how to identify with these steps and find the best leaders you can to add to your team. Stay focused, let your leaders do their part, and be comfortable in knowing that when you have built a successful team, it will simplify everything and you will no longer have to feel as though you have to do everything!


  1. I wonder how this applies to being the mother and leader of the home. Can you count your children as those to identify in step two? When I think about becoming a better Mom, I rarely think about how I can be a better Leader. Food for thought, thnx

  2. Love all of your food for thought! I'm awarding you the Versitile Blogger Award!