Thursday, January 27, 2011

What gets in the way of your home biz?

I am a stay at home mom who chooses to work part time from our home. I love it and love the flexibility, who wouldn't? Unfortunately with working at home and being your own boss, there are things that can really get in your way. We all experience something that will take away the focus from what we need to be or should be doing to be successful at meeting our goals. Whether that goal is to have a bit of extra spending money or if it is to replace an income. Speaking from experience my kids. I love them, but they can really require a lot of attention, especially when they know I am trying to focus on what I need to do. This is a kids nature, and I am sure this is what they are put on earth to do. Keep mom off balance just enough that she gets nothing accomplished. We all know this, this is why we have become experts in the matter of multitasking. How do we maintain that balance so we may be able to maintain our bigger picture, and still getting in our biz time? CREATIVITY! ORGANIZATION! Yes those two words. Scheduled activities, why this works, well whether it be the dreaded snow day (especially on a day you had tons planned knowing kiddos were out of the house, or supposed to be) or an extra kid or two you got surprised with having. Maybe it is just the usual "wild" day at home with kids a schedule is necessary. Think about this, kids in school have certain things they do daily at certain times. No surprise, they know what is coming and are ready for it. They know what is expected. When we do this at home we can work with that schedule and around that schedule. It will really prevent kids from having a breakdown because they missed a snack, or nap. That lunch is not on time they are starving and you are working. Inevitable meltdown with these things if they don't know themselves this is coming. Same as times spent with you during your busy day. Schedule these in, even frequently, they are the needy little "biz" partners in your office. It is important to have some new types of things. I am not saying go spend a fortune and buy them new toys and expensive gifts. Present them with a notebook or new coloring book, from a bargain bin or dollar store. These are handy for those just not satisfied whatever is happening kind of day.
Another big way we get distracted and get in our own way is to get sidetracked ourselves. Some scenarios ( not saying it is me, not saying it isn't ;) )your searching for new places to advertise, and it does take some looking, but next thing you know you are reading news stories, or other ads. Or if your on facebook to "check or leave a comment or link something to your fan page" ( I know it couldn't of been for any other reason right?) and next thing you know you have played a game and read and commented on everyones status. You have looked for someone from the past to add as a friend or out of the blue wondered what someone is up to these days. After awhile you realize you spent your 15mins you had or an hour doing nothing that involves what you started out to do. Not productive. We are all guilty of this one.
We are all a little curious when we run across a familiar ad. It is a wonderful part of being part of a work at home team or network. We all love to see that others are passionate about what we do at least as much as we are. You may even click on an ad just to see who posted and say to yourself a bit of YAY, look at them go, and are excited to see maybe it is someone you know. One BIG way to get sidetracked on this is if you take the other road of why are they posting where I want to post and then take the time to email and explain to them how you don't want them posting there. This is such a way to waste your time, and theirs. Always be courteous. We are all whether in the same biz or some completely different kind of home biz, out there doing what we love doing. We are all in the end looking to reach our dreams and goals. If you are taking time to email something to them that is not helpful to either or you it will always come across as unfriendly (no matter how you word it) and just like completely getting caught up on an internet search, you will soon find a lot of time spent without any helpful results!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ways to share your fan page!

I have been looking for new ways to promote my home business. I am finding there are plenty of options. Today I took on Facebook Fan Pages. After creating a fan page, I needed people to like it. Otherwise what good would it do really. I have read many different articles and questions asked to google or yahoo about the subject. I found that using a fan page can really help with branding yourself, but can also be a big overtaking. I want to just help everyone get a great start by giving you some links you can use to help get your fan page followers, as well as follow some other really neat fan pages yourself. So here are some places as well as a link to where I found a great topic with which you can share your page! This is just great site to visit anyway, so many topics but do check out this link: Share your fan page : I am new to this site, but it really is a lot of fun and is a great place to find new blogs as well as fan pages the link to check out here is:
Blog Frog link

The most obvious ways to share your page would be to simply just share the page with the button on the left. It will share with everyone on the page that your fan page
is connected to.

There is also a button on the left that says suggest to friends. This is another way to get your page out there.

Share your fan page on your blog! You do this by using a Facebook Fan Box Widget, this allows people to become a fan instantly!

And last but not least is a Facebook Fan Page Twitter application. This will link your Twitter followers with your page!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thrifty organizing!

Some days it seems like there is just not enough room for things, or no good place to put them. There sometimes is just a lot of things laying around. The kids have school papers, somehow they all end up on my desk. They have chargers for all their various gadgets. At this age there are a lot of gadgets! They are strewn about the house and yes on my desk again. Seems that even though I have a place for things they still can't find a pencil for their school work. I know I just sharpened a bunch and put them on their desk. It really is not just the kids, the husband seems to think it my desk is the dumping ground also. So I decided to do some organizing and putting away of things. I re-purpose things I have around the house, a lot of the things that you buy at the store can be pricey, so I find what works! For example:

This is the kids desk. It was a mess, papers, pencils, erasers, mp3 players. There was toys and what not, I couldn't even begin to remember, but you can imagine. So what I did is I added some baskets, I had them hiding in the closet. The big one is for their papers and binders. There are some computer games in there also. The one on the right side is very multipurpose. I have added some cups ( they get them at the school parties, we have soooo many) I have put pencils and pens in one ( now they will have to find another excuse for not doing homework) I have erasers, scissors and other things like that in the other. There is room for the gadgets they keep over there and it helps to be a catch all for all kinds of things. The pink and blue boxes are what they keep their DSI XL in. One for each kid. They were once their school pencil boxes. This way they keep track of all their stylus and things like that. I also have the chargers in the basket, I did something different for that.

I took an old check box. I covered it in construction paper and then labeled it. Now they know right where they belong!

All those extra school supplies and office supplies we keep on hand I keep in a kind of decorative trunk that was given to me I just stand it up and when I need it, everything is handy.

It sets by an old bookshelf that I found upstairs. It has been handy. The girls have to read AR books for school, and we have purchased some through book orders. I have an old clementine orange crate ( we purchased and ate the oranges and kept the crate so it was a twofer) that I stand the books in. When they forget one at school, they can find one to read for reading time. I keep extra glue and crayons as well as flash cards in an old floppy disk container.

As for my work area I have dual filing cabinets. What is neat about that is one can have the folders for bills and important papers, but you can leave out the filing system in the other for those things that don't fit the traditional way! I also make great use of the desktop with a cheap folder holder. It works to keep things organized and upright. I again have reused the little check boxes at the back of my desk for the little things and all my sticky notes, it keeps things confined and ready to find or move.

I hope all this was helpful for you, and I encourage everyone to look around for something that will help them to make their lives a bit easier. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, it just has to work!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Fun!

We have had our first big snow of the year, and the kids talked their dad into taking them sledding. We really didn't have enough for a big sledding day, but plenty to go out behind the four wheeler. It took a bit before I realized I was missing a good photo op, so here are some of the pictures I took of my little snowmen!

They start of Great!

Then next thing you know they are rolling through the snow!

They sometimes made it a long ways!

Sometimes it was on their bellies!

There was a ton of fun! They got a little snowy and yes I even got in on the fun for a round or two ( no pictures of that thank goodness!!)!

They did not have enough of the snow as the next day the decided to go out and play and turn each other into real snowmen!! Burrrr!!!