Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have you kept your New Years Resolution?

Most of us start off the New Year with a resolution. Maybe we want to lose weight, maybe we want to be more organized. Some of us want to drink less coffee/pop, or maybe you want to reach for a promotion, or grow a home business. Whatever it may be, you will find that most of us have dropped part of if not all of our resolution. It was to difficult. Got boring. Just slipped your mind. Life got in the way. But think about this, we make our New Years Resolution lumping the whole year all together and reach to meet it in one week. We get frustrated and just give up. I think we have all been thinking of it the wrong way. I was reading an article the other day. It really made sense, it was talking about making goals daily. So here is the thinking with this. You start off every day with a goal, or daily resolution. You will also want to rotate your goals. I believe this makes them more attainable. One day you may have a workout related goal/resolution. So you make that goal saying today before I set down at my computer I will do my workout. The next day it may be a step to work on your finances. Whatever it may be if you break it down into daily goals/resolutions, and rotate them, you eliminate the boredom, putting it off and uncertainty of how to approach it and get it done. It gets your full attention and you can reevaluate every day or week. Part of the not doing is a guilty feeling that you may of failed or not have accomplished what you said you would. Making that daily resolution gives you a chance to look at what you have done, make the necessary change and change what you need to change to get there. So go ahead and dedicate a notebook, day planner or whatever you have. Put it next to you computer, on your nightstand, by the coffee pot. Wherever you will see it every morning, write down that resolution, make a plan, and put it into action. You will see progress daily, know that you have met a goal and this is what will keep you moving forward. By the end of the year you will look back and see for yourself that you have met your New Years Resolution by taking the necessary daily steps. You will be proud of yourself!

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