Monday, April 2, 2012

Goals: creating them; making them happen!

Goals, why do we need them, how do we make them, and how to meet them? These are all good questions we have all asked ourselves. First we need to understand what a goal is. Let us start with the definition of a goal.
GOAL: 1.The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end. 2. The terminal point in a race.
Synonyms of the word goal: 1. target, purpose, object, intent, intention. 2. finish
What is the purpose of goals? Having goals give us all order and structure in our lives. Goals are a powerful tool we can all use. Motivation is one of the biggest ways goals help us. They help us to measure progress, they help us to feel like we have accomplished something. When we meet our goals we have pride in our achievements. On the other hand if we have not met our goal that we have set up for ourselves we can end up feeling frustrated, and have a feeling of not getting anywhere.
How do we make goals that are right for us? Everyone has a different need for a goal. Some may want to lose weight, some may use them to have a productive work schedule. Some need to have them to just get through a day. We are all different, our needs are different. The thing we have in common is that we can all follow the same few guidelines to set our goals, and see them accomplished.
Let me break them into four easy to follow steps for achieving your goal:
Establish: decide what your goal is, don't be to quick, really think about it, take your time this needs to be important to you
Strategy: use this step to decide your plan of action,
Planning: here is where you are going to decide on the specific details of how you are going to meet your goal, give it structure
Execution: this is where your goal is going to become reality. You will have achieved what you wanted to achieve!
In short, write your goals down, take your time and make it something that you truly want to happen. Make your goals realistic, don't keep it to low so that it doesn't challenge you, on the same note, don't make it to high that you won't have a chance to attain it. Break all your goals down into steps, this way you can see yourself achieving the big goal one step at a time, at the same time adjustments can be made if you fall off course.
Make sure you know what you will get when you have met all your goals, this is like your reward. It is a chance to pat yourself on the back and know you did it! Don't forget to follow through this last step with challenging yourself to another goal with a fantastic reward!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teaming up to accomplish your goals

When I start out a new month, I am always taking look at what I did the month prior, what goals do I need to make this month, and what did I do the month before to set myself up to meet this months goals. This is something that is crucial for any business that you may be in. With out a solid plan there is no direction. With out leaders, there is no consistency or order. In my particular home business we work as a team. In having that team we are able to stay motivated, share ideas, keep us moving towards our goals. Many times you may rely on someone within your business or team to "lead" you everyday. But really your success boils down to three simple steps.

Step one: YOUR COMMITMENT, you have to make it happen. You need to be willing to be accountable. Make an effort for yourself and then make a commitment to your team

Step two: IDENTIFY those who are willing to work with your and participate. Look for those who are accountable, who are coach-able and who have desire to do what it takes.

Step three: ENGAGE YOUR NEW LEADERS: Nothing really happens until it really happens. Sometimes people get off track, and by engaging them and focusing them on the basics helps keep them focused.

Your goal ultimately should be to become a leader by becoming knowledgeable about what your are doing. Learning how to identify with these steps and find the best leaders you can to add to your team. Stay focused, let your leaders do their part, and be comfortable in knowing that when you have built a successful team, it will simplify everything and you will no longer have to feel as though you have to do everything!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Are you leading by example?

Over the summer I have felt that my home business has lacked something. As a matter of fact I felt that I was lacking in the part of nurturing my home business. I sat here this morning wondering how I can breathe new life into a business that had gone for lack of a better word, stale.
When a took a closer look and did a little searching ( the perfect answer would be there waiting for me somewhere right???) I really came up with the fact that it was all me.
My lack of energy, focus and plain old doing it were the problems. That leads me into the article I came across in one of my magazines that I go to for some inspiration.
The basic idea of this story was " Why don't you do the things you say?" This I thought hit the nail on the head.
I have spent the summer saying I will do this I will do that, I never made it a priority. Well this works in business also. If your business is lacking that something. Be it you can't or haven't moved forward, seems that the same things are happening or not happening.
Look into what you are doing, are you leading by example. Maybe as a leader in your field you are doing a lot of telling or teaching in your organization, but are your actions telling them the same thing?
If you want to promote inpiration, confidence, and growth in your business, you must do what a leader does, lead by example and do the things you say you will do!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Add your blog and twitter to your facebook!

Good Morning Everyone!
On our training last night I said I would let everyone know how I was able to link things with my Twitter, so here is my take on it. Keep in mind it was awhile ago that I linked up my accounts, so I have been trying to refresh my memory, as I took the long way around that may no sense at first. I am going to try to put you all on the fast lane with this though. A surprise in trying to retrace my steps, my Facebook was not sending to my Twitter, it was a one way kind of street there. But that is fixed, so I do recommend that those of you who are already putting Twitter on their facebook that they check again to make sure your facebook is reporting to twitter if that is what you desire!

Linking your blog to facebook:
You want to use RSS Graffiti to link your blog. Link, click go to app.
You will be asked to authorize, then allow like all facebook applications.
You should land on a page that says add a new feed here. Click the +add feed. When you do it will let you preview when you add your feed so that you know you have the right one.
This is also the trick to getting your Twitter to post to your facebook. What you will do after setting up your blog to post, you will click what is called Application settings.
Here you will be able to change settings, but the only one you really need to is your Twitter account. So click add account ( you should see your twitter account there, if it is not ( mine was) then maybe it will give you an option to add).
With RSS Graffiti, it will take awhile to show up on your facebook so don't panic, it will be there if you went through the steps! After doing this update twitter comments, blog posts. This way it does have something current to update with!

Sharing Between Twitter and Facebook:
By doing the above you will get Twitter feeds, but if you want your facebook to post to your twitter, you need this page what this does for you is allows you to link the two, so that facebook will update your twitter. But you do need to have a fan page for this to happen. It will be a simple click and follow the directions.

Hope this helps and I welcome any questions! Should this not work for you be happy to help you trouble shoot!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jayden attended her first music contest this weekend. I had never been to one either. It was such a fun time. She played her flute. This was also the first year for her learning that. She got great comments from the judge. She also sang with a group of girls. They all did an awesome job! I was so excited, and am now excited to see if she does it again next year, and what instrument Dakota will play in 5th grade, and if she will also be attending a contest also.
It has been a great experience,and I am so glad the girls get a chance to learn and participate in these kinds of things. I think it really will help them to be well rounded individuals!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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