Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just when you thought you didn't need it!

Remember back to the days when you were in grade school or even high school. How many times did you say something like, why do we need to know this, when will we ever use it? Well I can now say you will use it. You will have kids in school and they will eventually be bringing it home and saying I need help! These days in school kids are learning so much and much faster than we did. Now they are learning math in kindergarten, we learned to tie our shoes, put together puzzles and color in the lines. Now with kids in 4th and 5th grade my kids are working on things that I am sure I did not learn until later. Some common things on a math page would be a question about square roots, there is geometry on that page and well many other things. I remember when the math lesson was one basic idea for each lesson. Lets talk essays and themes, in high school these were more common place than grade school. I have found myself trying to recall how to write these ( have not needed to for years) and attempt to help my 5th grader put down the words according to the guidelines given. So many things I have had to reach back into the depths of my memory to lend my kids the help they need. On a typical day I do not use all the American History from class, and I am sure I thought way back when it was somewhat unnecessary to retain everything. But turns out I need it all! Don't get me wrong, I love that the kids are learning so much more at school. Their little minds need to stay engaged and interested and they just really soak it all in like little sponges! I really do love that! The things they are capable of, they now read music ( I have never learned that) and Jayden plays the flute wonderfully! I love what the school has done for them! The kids however, when tired of school or frustrated over school work say "why do I need to know this, I don't need it anyway" I can honestly say to them, someday you will have kids in school and you will need to know this!!

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