Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Holidays are coming!

Are you feeling the holiday rush? I sure am. This time of year is so busy. Almost feels as though we skipped Halloween, I was already seeing Christmas out. Thanksgiving gets looked right over it seems most years.
We have a birthday the day before Thanksgiving this year. What timing right! Trying to plan that and make the holiday plan at the same time. It is just really bad timing. But looking around the stores, it is hard to find those Thanksgiving items. Christmas is already everywhere.
Speaking of Christmas and Birthdays,that is a trick itself this year. I have one turning 11 this year and for me it is so hard to decide what to get her. Not only that but you also have the Christmas gifts that need to be decided. My girls are at what I feel is a hard age, they are between the little and the big. So tuff!
I have completed some of my Christmas shopping, the shopping for the little nieces and nephews! So much easier! Also the oldest nephew and nieces were easy ( gift cards for them).
I sit here this morning sip my hot tea, and think about these things. I think I will have to say I am a bit excited about the realization that I actually have most of my shopping done. When adding the little bits up, it really adds up!

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