Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What does it take to work from home?

First of all I want to say that working from home is wonderful. What I believe it takes to be able to work at home and to be successful at it is:

A big Why - Why do you want to work from home, is it to have extra money in your pocket or to help pay the bills. The thing that will really be there so that if you reach a low, it will carry you through.

The Drive - the thing that you have that allows you to wake up every day and stick to your plan, move you forward.

A Schedule - The schedule is very important, as a mom who works from home it is necessary to find the time to be with my family, and maintain the house as well as be able to maintain my biz in the right way. I do this for all of us, so with my schedule I do look at my day and week and make sure I have everything balanced.

A biz Hat - What this means is that if you are going to do your home biz successfully you are going to need to go at it like any out of the home biz. Think of it as if the "boss" is standing near. It is a great thing to be home, but when talking to someone, they are looking for what it is you know or have and will not want to be put on hold for a call from the sister, mother or aunt or whatever it may be.

Support - This is a big one! Support from a spouse is huge. As well as from family and friends. But what else is huge is support from others doing the same thing. This helps with ideas or problems with different things. So many times they are going through or have gone through the same things.

Goals - Goals are really important also. Without a goal, you have nothing really to look forward to. It is how we can mark our own personal success and achievements. No matter how big or small. You have to have short term and long term goals to be successful while working from home.

These are just some of what I think you need or what it will take to work from home. I have really enjoyed working from home and I must say that it is a work in progress everyday. There are definitely days when I am or feel I am out of balance. Maybe my goals don't match up, but I make new ones and move forward. But in the end I do love building my business!

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